Our Story

We at Yooz Candy Products supply various types of natural fruit candy products, such as Fruit Hearts, Fruit Gummy Bears and Fruit Gummies. We use only natural fruit flavours and colours, so no artificial ones. Sugar free products are also available.

Only natural ingredients

Yooz Candy Products are of high quality made with natural ingredients, natural colours and flavours. Where we can, we use natural fruit juice (Yooz) to give Yooz products their intense taste. So that a treat becomes a real moment of enjoyment.

Also eat fruit!

We at Yooz believe that children should be able to enjoy a treat now and then, with products that are made especially for them. But we also believe that a treat should stay a treat and that children and their parents should watch out not to overdo candy and snack consumption. Snacks should not become meals. And kids should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget!